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Focus. Discipline. Practice. Design also leverages these traits in successful projects. But sheer instinct and street smarts can also help you out as well. Take this TaiChi teacher, she became a willing participant in a critical phase of our Singapore shoot.



Associate Creative Director


UX Designers​ (1)

Visual Designers (2)

Content Strategists (3)

Offshore Development Team (6)

Abbott needed to reposition their brand to appeal to consumer audiences. Globally.

I was a key contributor to winning this client account, and was selected to lead the website brand redesign. Accompanied by a talented team of designers, UX experts and content specialists, we re-platformed Abbott to a consumer friendly marketing channel with global reach. 




  • Built design continuity with the brand team to ensure consistency

  • Led customer through design concept to delivery

  • Launched the APAC and North America site as first phase priority that set the tone for upcoming global model

The brand strategy called for large scale photography that represented the “Life to the fullest" mantra. This demanded a strong discipline in sourcing inspirational photos from custom photoshoots across the US, India and Singapore. I was tasked to fly out to India for a 2 week visual QA initiative to ensure the design templates were completed to my specifications. In addition, we also set up a 3 week custom photoshoot in Singapore for one of their priority markets. It was tiring and sleepless work but it made for an amazing result and experience to go overseas.



  • Create new hubs of content to help boost the brand recognition of Abbott products

  • Large, vivid healthy life style photography

  • Bold typography in large panels to highlight content backdropped by photos


You haven’t truly experienced Singapore until you have eaten chicken rice and have been peed on by a monkey.


Creative Director: Michael Chiong  |  Photographer: Martin Dyrlov Madsen  |  Location: Singapore

Abbott Photoshoot Anchor 1
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